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Vern's Mom was On The Scene.

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Sheriff Glerup Sued



The FBI Lied Again



Taxpayers Pay for FBI Bungling



FBI Wastes More $$  Again



Trigger Happy FBI Agents Kill Their Own FBI Agents


FBI Agents Torture Innocent Man To Get False Confession


FBI Killers At

Ruby Ridge



FBI Illegally Snooped On U.S. Citizens



  The FBI Has Virtually Unlimited Immunity To Mishandle A Case

Drunk FBI Agent Shoots Lobster In A Tank

See How FBI Malfeasance Caused 9/11 & Two Wars

Is The FBI Helping The Terrorists




How Much of Taxpayers Money Did The FBI Waste Looking For Jimmy Hoffa's body?


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Just Another True Story Of A Dirty Cop

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 How I Know Steve Sparks Is The Killer



Sheriff Glerup Suggested That I Get A Lawyer To Give Steve A Lie Detector Test



See The Advertisement The Lawyer Placed In The Burns Times Herald To Pay Steve Sparks To Take A Lie Detector Test



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I asked Sheriff Glerup To Take a Lie  Detector Test, But He Opted To Sue Me



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My Apology

To Sheriff Glerup



 Philip M. Wasley

The WORST Double Crossing Lawyer

EVER On Planet Earth!!

He's a Rat & A Snake

& A Cockroach


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See Vern



See Vern's Poster  Shows more Police Incompetence





Deputy U.S. Marshal Shoots Innocent Man



See How The FBI Cheats Taxpayers 


 FBI Lies About Their Own Lie Detector Results



See the Oregon State Police Convict the Wrong Men





Slander vs Libel


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See CIA Lies


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Undue Influence

See Wampum

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Of Harney County, Oregon


   Where In The World Is Vern?


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Greg Peterson







  I'll Give Steve Sparks $100,000 


 When He Takes &  Passes The Lie Detector Test


     To prove this is on the up and up, the test will be given by Paul Minor who has the highest credibility in this nation.  Click on his name to see his superior qualifications.


The polygraph test will be given in Alexandria, Virginia

 & I pay for all of his expenses.




Terry N. Seaman

E-Mail:  Silverada@aol.com


             Steve Sparks Was The Last One To See Vern Alive!

            In his radio speech, Steve Sparks lied when he said he had not seen Vern for more than a month before Vern was missing.   Vern’s fiancée, Linda McCombs, swore that Vern had called her at 8:22 p.m. on June 7th and he told her that Vern and Steve had been on Vern’s  property together often during the week of June 2nd to June 7th.

  ( Someone was telling a lie! )   

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   Click here to see Linda’s notarized letter.  (Eureka!)

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 Linda agreed to take an official lie detector test without being paid, but Steve never would even though we first offered him $5,000  to do it, and have now increased that amount to $100,000.



        Steve Sparks lied.   Steve killed Vern at 8:30 pm on June 7th, 1996 between the house and the main gate.   Linda was on the phone with Vern at 8:22 pm when Vern told Linda that he had to hang up because he had something else to do.  That's when Steve came onto Vern's land and killed Vern.  Then Steve disposed of Vern's body which has never been found.   When Steve left the property he closed the main gate which Vern always left open when he was on the property. 




I also wanted Sheriff Gleruo To Take  a Lie Detector Test

and he said no.  Instead, Sheriff Glerup sued me.


 I just want the FBI To do the job they're getting paid to do instead of just sitting on their fat butts eating free donuts.


Click here to see that my Oregon Lawyer

double crossed me!




So, here's some more old news:

The FBI lies, cheats, steals, murders, shares spy sex partners, covers up crimes, tortures, frames the innocent, wastes taxpayer money, and really does suck, suck, suck!

  The FBI is the DeFacto Gestapo of the USA!  

 Gestapo:  A criminal police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against their own citizens.

 The FBI meets this definition.


So.......Does Anybody Out There Care?


More Gov't Lies


 See Signs With Bullet Holes  

This is a Civil matter, not to be considered criminal in any way.


My True Story about when Vernon LaVere Seaman

 became a "missing person" on June 7, 1996 in Harney County, Oregon.

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